Thursday, April 11, 2013

Surgery Soundtrack

Don't judge me on the format - it has a damn mind of it's own...

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the surgery date is THIS Friday!!  As in tomorrowI’m stoked!  I've had the pre-op phone interview with the anesthesia person.  I got the call from the scheduler and surgery is set for 11:15.  Shit just got REAL!  I’ve been waking up with that ‘feeling’ in your belly when you’re about to go on vacation.  Seriously, I am totally weird like that.  I’ve never had a “big” surgery like this before.  I’ve been put out for my wisdom teeth extraction and my lovely colonoscopy, but that was more of a twilight sleep than this.  I didn’t need to have a trache-tube or be on a ventilator.  I hope this type of anesthesia doesn’t make me bawl like a baby when I wake up like the ‘twilight-sleep’ crap does.  It's awkward to wake up crying for absolutely no reason.
  • 311 - "I'll Be Here Awhile": Motivation, 311 style.
  • Bob Marley - "Three Little Birds": This was the VERY first song that came to mind when thinking of songs for a playlist.  This is an absolute must for me,
  • The Clash - "Rock the Casbah": I just love this song; this is probably in my top 10 songs.  Several years ago, when I had my civic with the super loud subwoofer in the trunk, I drove to Irvine (for some Spectrum shopping of course) and I pulled up next to an old, white couple.  If looks could kill!  Rock the Casbah was definitely NOT in their top 10.
  • The Church – "Block", "Luster" & "Numbers":  I LOVE The Church.  They played at the Coach House about 4 years ago and I found out 3 days after their show!!  If I recall, that was their last show of their American Tour. I shed one, single, tear.  True story.  Totally bummed that they don’t come to America more often. 
  • Death Cab For Cutie – “I Will Possess Your Heart”: I like the album edit vs the radio edit.  The instrumental in the beginning is MUCH longer, and I like MUCH better. 
  • The Doves – “Firesuite”: It’s just a totally chill, somewhat trippy song.  Maybe they'll let me listen to this song when they give me the ‘calm-the-eff-down drugs’.
  • Echo & The Bunnymen - "The Killing Moon": I debated putting this in here because of the title has (*gasp*) 'killing' in it, but the fact is I really dig this song.  Not really a fan of the chorus, actually I think the chorus almost ruins the song, but then once you're like "Ugh, this chorus sucks", the song picks back up. Then the crappy chorus comes again, but then it picks back up.  Yes, that's my explanation.  
  • Foster The People - "Helena Beat":  Yeah Yeah and it's o-kay   ...I'm sorry, I really like these guys.  I've been trying to figure out who they were, I could never understand the lyrics enough to write them down.  Obviously, I got it figured it out.  Still kinda tripping out that they're the 'pumped up kicks' dudes.
  • Jason Mraz – “Make it Mine”: I'm not really a huge fan, but I want some positive among all of my favorites.  I was going to put another song (“Remedy”) because he wrote it for a friend that had Cancer…and you know what I said?  that shit!  I want something happy AND non-cancer related, G-damn-it!  Remedy IS a happy song, but I would rather listen to something uber-happy, (or calming) sans cancer, which I will.
  • M83 – “Midnight City”: This song calms me down for some weird reason.  So, it’s totally going to be included.  
  • MGMT – “Electric Feel”: This is another song that I just love.  When I used to work out – many, many moons ago, this was the very first song that I would listen to.  Why?  Because at 5am this is a fantastic song to get you moving.  
  • Nada Surf – “Beautiful Beat” & "Always Love"Now, the first part of the song is about being alone, which I can relate to – not that I want it, but I get it.  The chorus (and the harmony of the actual song) is what gets me.  Beautiful beat get me out of this mess.  The other song, "Always Love", is just a totally happy song.  
  • Naked and Famous - "Youngblood": I forgot about this song and while going through iTunes I remembered it.  It makes me feel happy :)
  • Peter Gabriel - "Solsbury Hill": Another song that makes me feel happy.  Makes me feel like I am driving with the windows down through a random meadow...or something like that.  
  • Queens of the Stone Age - "Medication": It's titled Medication, which I will be on and because I want it in here, k?  
  • Stone Roses – “I Wanna Be Adorded”: I tend to forget about this song, hear it a year later and still love it.  And that’s exactly what happened; haven't listened to it in forever, still love it and I wanna listen to it.
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “Won’t back down”: Motivational song at its finest.  I may have this song twice on the playlist.  Why? because it’s my playlist and I can do what I want! :)
  • The xx – “Intro”:  This doesn't have any lyrics…but I really dig it. 
  • Zero-7 – “Destiny”: I think this song is beautiful and the lyrics are equally as beautiful.  You can’t beat these chick’s voices.   
A lot of these songs are kind of mellow-chill songs.  I like maudlin type songs - songs that can sound dark - gets me in the gut.  I actually like a very wide variety of songs and unfortunately I just don’t want to listen to some of them right before going into surgery.  I don’t want any songs that will tug on the heart strings or that aren't inspiring in the way that I need them to be.  Right now a lot of songs pull at the strings.  One in particular is Noel Gallagher’s “If I Had a Gun”.  The hubs played this for me on his guitar one Sunday morning and I immediately started crying.  If you listen to the song and actually hear the lyrics, you’ll understand why (or at least put yourself in his shoes giving our little 'situation' and all).  I still can’t listen to the song more than 15 seconds without my chin quivering and frantically searching for the "next" button. 

I looked for a motivational Motorhead song and I just couldn’t find one.  Why you do this to me, Lemmy?  Though, I totally may have a post-surgery soundtrack including “The Ace of Spades” and other songs that make me want to drive fast.  The Stooges - "I wanna be your dog" is definitely in that same 'drive fast' category.  Don’t worry, I won’t be driving.  Even if I wasn't hopped up on vicoden, I think it will still be a little difficult due to the location of the cuts with steering/turning corners/backing out/basically everything that comes with driving.  I will just pretend that I am driving fast with a paper plate as my steering I am chauffeured around like a weirdo...a weirdo pretending to drive with a paper plate. Okay and on that note, I am ending this now before it gets any stranger...


  1. You are brave, you are kind and you are important. I love you so much. My holy moly melanomy Bunzer- The Hubs

    1. Well, YOU is smart, you is kind and you is important :) I love you, thanks hubs :)

  2. I am proud you are my daughter in law, more like a daughter. Your strength, kindness, humor & love will conquer any challenge thrown at you. I love you Honey and even if you can't at this time, I can ...send you the Angels & fireflies

    1. Thanks momma :) I will take those angels and fireflies with me to the hospital tomorrow. Love you lots.