Sunday, April 28, 2013

Six years with my best friend

Six years ago today, I married my best friend.  He is the best man that a girl could ever ask for.  It’s amazing to feel truly loved, everyone should have that opportunity.  As I said in a previous post: he’s my best friend, partner in crime, my comfort, my world and now my savoir. 

After receiving the pathology report and coming to the realization that things could potentially be worse than we were expecting (due to the mitotic rate and my way of thinking that anything could happen) – I gave him an out.  I told him that he didn’t sign up for this and if things got really bad he could leave.  I wouldn’t want him to sit around taking care of a sick chick, wasting precious time of his life.  If things were really bad, he had a one-time deal that he could cash in on.  I can’t help that I am a worst case scenario thinker. 
He didn’t budge.  Not one bit.  He didn’t even look to the left…meaning that he didn't even give it any thought.  You can tell if someone is thinking (or lying) by their eyes - they typically will look up to the right/left when thinking of something truthful and then down the left when lying because they are thinking of a made up response. I’m weird like that; I pay attention to little things. 

We sat there and talked about the what-ifs in the midst of several tears.  Lovebird, if shit goes down and you only have a little time left, I am taking you on the most amazing vacation that you could ever dream of.  I would sell my truck and max out my credit card.  I would go broke for you to go happy.”  Hell, we even talked about doing a little Thelma & Louise action.  Being together, holding hands and going down in a blaze of glory.  A little dramatic, but it was really funny to picture.

Now that we were told that the Melanoma did not spread to the nodes, I’m definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.  Luck is on my side and he’s not getting rid of me just yet (neither are you peeps).  We’re only six years into marriage as of today and only nine years being together the end of this coming November.  That is absolutely not nearly long enough when you find your other half.  I married him because I love him to death and I never wanted to be without him.  I rarely am without him, only when we're working.  We are practically joined at the hip and I like it that way.
Honey cakes, I love you with my entirety.  You make so happy I could punch you!  Now you know why I hit you so much, because I am so very happy.  I know that you'll be on my side regardless, through thick and thin.  Even when I am being a complete beast, you grin and bear it until I come to and realize that I am being nasty.  You rub my back at 3am when I can’t sleep, you let me cry when I need to, you take care of me when I need help, you help out around home more than I do, we laugh at stupid jokes until we choke and I love that you don't think cemeteries are creepy - we absolutely 'get' each other.  Every year our bond grows stronger.  You're everything that I have ever wanted and more. I love you with my whole heart and soul, please don’t ever forget that. 

Happy Anniversary, Shuggy.  Here's to a lifetime of love notes, kisses and anniversaries :)


  1. I love amber this post made me happy. Wish i didnt live so far away. Luv ali

    1. I know, we will hug once again though :) I need to take my white ass to Hawaii...with 150 SPF of course. Next time you're in CA let me know so you can meet my damn husband! Love you!