Friday, April 19, 2013


Well, it's been 7 days since surgery and I'm still a bit sore.  Not sore like I was hit by a truck anymore, but still pretty sore.  I saw Dr. Surgeon on Wednesday morning - he probably asked me to come in real quick because the nurses kept on calling him.  I talked to a nurse on Monday and basically told her that the pain meds (Vicoden - aka glorified Tylenol) aren't touching it.  I have to take at least one & a half before it barely takes the edge off and that lasts for maybe an hour if I am lucky.  We called the hospital again on Tuesday to ask if I should be ripping the tape off of my skin that is covering the wounds; it's completely stuck on there and I was crossing my fingers that the answer wasn't "oh yeah, that needs to come off so it can breathe" because that shit is stuck on there and I'm still pretty damn sensitive in those areas. 

Anyways, Dr. Surgeon called me back on Tuesday afternoon, which I thought was totally awesome that I was physically speaking to him.  He said "You know what, why don't you just stop by tomorrow so I can see what you're looking like".  So you know what I said?  OK!  The hubs and I got up early to get to the hospital by 7:15am and we were seeing him as a walk in within 20 minutes.  That's really good because Wednesdays are new patient days and I personally know that those can take quite some time.

There is some swelling, which is normal.  The bruising is normal, too.  He told me that I should be moving my arm around a bit and not keeping it in the "invisible sling" like I have been.  That's the only way that it's somewhat comfortable; I literally hold my arm bent at the elbow and tucked into my body like there is a sling there.  Invisi-Sling, I should trademark it and sell it... He wants me to be able to pat myself on my back by next week.  My follow up appointment is next Tuesday, I don't know how I am going to pull this one off.  What's David Blaine's phone number?  For those that don't know he's an amazing magician - or shall I say illusionist.  He is one of the people that I would love to sit down and talk to - or just stare at while he does magic for me - whatevs.

Now, I have been moving it around, but it's a double edge sword.  The more I move it, the more it hurts - but then again the more I move it, the better it is for me.  Dang.  Stupid!  I definitely don't want it to become frozen where I would need yet another surgery to get it mobile again.  When I stretch my arm out, it feels like a tendon or something deep in my left pitter is going to snap.  The crap thing is you don't know HOW BAD I want to get a good stretch in.  I love stretching, especially while at work - I (used to) stretch my arms out forward, up, to the sides - every which way my little heart could think of.  I can't do that now :(  Boooo!!! 

Even just sitting here I can feel it.  I can only assume it's whatever nerve that was touched, moved, cut - whatever the hell happened to it - recovering.  My underside of my arm and to the left of my incision on my back is completely numb, but not?  It feels like I have a tourniquet tied at my shoulder - cutting off blood circulation - thus making shit go numb.  I shaved my pitter for the first time since the surgery though yesterday morning!  That was a weird sensation, it was like shaving someone else since I couldn't physically feel it....I am NOT into that. 

Anyways, today is FRIDAY!!  YAAAYYY!!!  My mind is good, legs are good, right arm is good - the rest of me....ehhh. But that's not going to stop me!  The hubs and I are going to the Angel game tonight and I totally made a sign for Torii Hunter (Angels are playing the Tigers).  I've never made a sign for anyone before; I feel kind of juvenile...though if I had enough time last night I would have glued some glitter on it.  Sparkles!  I'm sure there are going to be lots of Hunter fans there and I am going to show my favorite player that he is absolutely missed.  I can taste the hot dogs and beer already....

Make it a great day people :)

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  1. Day by Day, That's healing and that's life. When you go to bed at night think " I can't wait to see how much better I'm going to feel in the morning". The body responds to our thoughts. Your doing great, Love you, Mama