Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason - I believe this to be true.  I believe in chance encounters.  I believe in fate.  I believe in destiny.  I fell in love with my husband the very moment that I laid eyes on him (even though he didn’t see me, apparently I was a mild creeper back then).  A week after seeing him for the very first time, I was transferred to same exact floor that he worked on; a mere 50 feet away from each other.  We worked at a 1,500 person company – there were at least 10 floors that belonged to the company.  Everything happens for a reason.
I’m still trying to wrap my head around a reason for Melanoma.  Am I supposed to educate people?  Is this going to bring our family closer?  Am I going to help other newbies in the club?  Am I supposed to jump in with both feet into freaking yoga like my optometrist said that I needed to do 2 years ago?   Am I not supposed to worry about things like I normally do?  Is this going to take away my road-rage?  Will this make me a stronger person?  I think the answer is a big HELL YES to all…well, maybe not the road-rage part.  What?  I can’t stand stupid drivers and the horn is there for a reason – as is my middle finger.

It’s kind of weird how things work out.  Melanoma has already changed some of me and I am certain there is more to come.  I’m opening up more than ever and even though this is not face to face, it's all absolutely coming from my heart.  I’m letting go of feelings and thoughts that would normally pollute my mind and then ultimately my well-being.  I’m still changing, learning and growing (hopefully not yet another size, that wouldn’t be cool).  As strange as it may be, this was my destiny.  I will come out the other side a stronger version of myself.  Everything happens for a reason, regardless how glorious or shitty they may be. 

I've already had something amazing come out of this.  While getting my hair done during my lunch break last week - yes, you read that right, during my ONE hour lunch (if you live in South Orange County and need some help with your fro, let me know and I'll give you her info) - my hair chick said that she made an appointment with a dermatologist and is dragging along her husband, too!  Yeah!!  That made me feel REALLY good.  I may not have physically jumped for joy because at that time even the thought of jumping hurt - but I was absolutely jumping on the inside.  If my little situation can reach my family, friends, friends that I haven't made yet or anyone else that I don't physically know, that is amazing.  Step into the unknown and make your destiny part of your reality and get into a routine of checking your body.  Or, even better - take it to the next step and get into a routine of having a dermatologist check your body for you - it may save your life like it did mine :)

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