Monday, October 14, 2013

Pass the Parasol!

I think it was around June when I first extended a hand to fellow Mela-homies and I got into contact with someone that I wish was closer (I wish all of us were closer; I wish we could all hug each other when needed).  This one is special, I feel like I know her and I know that we'd be super close friends if we lived in the same state. Her name is Julie and she's got a good thing going - check it out on her FB page: Cloudy with a chance of Melanoma.

She started this campaign called 'Pass the Parasol'.  It's a campaign that is sort of sponsored by Brelli; Julie teamed up with Brelli to help spread the word....and also spread a couple of beautiful parasols. They are UV protected and not only shield you from the sun, they protect against rain, too!  A multipurpose, gorgeous umbrella and 5% of ALL proceeds are donated to Melanoma research. I felt honored to be included in the campaign and hold the same parasol that was held by Julie and that will be held by many, many of our Mela-homies!

Here are a couple of photos that the hubs took of me and the "gorge-brelli" (aka: Gorgeous Brelli)  :)

My writing on the Brelli - I hope that all of us get a chance to write a little bit of ourselves
I like this one because you can see mirrored on my back "Cloudy" (Cloudy with a chance of Melanoma) and "Pass" (Pass the Parasol)
In the sun & rain, Brelli is your friend
Showing where I wrote and a little bit of rock....or duck face, but I like to think it's my rock face.


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    2. I realized after commenting that I was responding from my husband's page! Anyways, it was totally fun! And, I hate to admit it, but I hung onto it for a little too long :)

  2. Amber, thank you! Keep an eye out for your pic to be on The Brelli's FB page along with a shout out ;) I'm so glad that you extended your friendship to me, we are cut from the same cloth and I love that about us!! You are the PB to my Jelly, the pep to my step, the Cagney to my Lacey..I could go on for days but you get the drift. I kinda dig Chelsea too ; ) <3

    1. ;) I kinda dig Chelsea, too. She's like the fairy godmother to all of us newbies.