Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I daydream of better days ahead.  Secretly, most of the daydreams are of my husband screaming out that we've won the lottery.  Oh, that one holds a dear, dear place to my heart.  I LOVE that daydream, it's my fave!  I've already cashed and spent some of the money in those daydreams.  First and foremost, the hubs and I would pay off our mother's homes.

Secondly, more than likely the exact next day, we'd go to an RV center and purchase our "coach"....or do people call it a "rig"??  Anyways, we'd buy ourselves a nice little house on wheels and see our extremely beautiful country, one state and National Park at a time while waking up to big, glorious trees and the smell of burnt firewood from the previous night.  Exhale....  My fingers are at a loss for words, that seriously sounds ah-maze-ing!

We have a HUGE map of America in our den with pins placed in super strategic areas:
  • Blue pins: Museums 
  • Green pins: National Parks
  • Red pins: Houses of family/friends
  • White pins:  Baseball fields that we'd like to check out
  • Yellow pins:  Points of interest such as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and New Orleans. 

The hubs and I already planned out our cross-country voyage right after the whole "big Casino" rushing into our lives - even though initially to me it wasn't all that bad (and then I read statistics about Melanoma and other shit....and then I changed my mind and came to the realization that basically any "big C" diagnosis is completely crappy).  We had always talked about doing this when we retire, however things took a slight turn.  Melanoma is so unpredictable...as is every cancer...not to mention everyday life.  What better time than the present. Then both of us out of work kind of threw an annoyingly giant wrench into seeing America.

I will always have the lotto daydream and I still keep the giant map up to remind me that bigger things are always ahead.  We just have to take the leap.  But one step at a time...first step: jobs.   

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