Monday, August 3, 2015


Within the first week or two after finding my dad, I decided I was going to look up psychic mediums in Southern CA.  I was at home on the couch, continually wiping off the screen of the tablet from the tears that had fallen from my eyes.  It couldn't have been any longer than two weeks at that point and I was looking for someone to give me answers; I was looking for a stranger to help with the pain.  I realized that it was probably too soon for this...

Fast forward to about a month or two ago.  I, again, looked up psychic mediums in Orange County – this time feeling more in control than the last.  I found that the famous James Van Praagh is from Southern CA and I saw that he would be in Irvine in the coming months.  I got super excited; until I realized that he would be in front of over 150 people that shelled out $90 just for a seat.  It immediately made me super sad to realize that the vast majority of those people wouldn’t even receive a "message" – and to top it off they shelled out $90 to just sit there and watch other people receive theirs. 

How fucking sad/annoying would that be?  Sitting there, hoping and praying that you might get a faint glimmer of the person you lost and then the chick/dude sitting two chairs down from you gets that joy.  That's great for them.  It's awesome.  But knowing my personality - I would only be left with a hazy memory of a violent fit fueled by cheap chardonnay.   

Some of these mediums straight up charge $250 for 30 minutes.  30 minutes!  That's a little over eight bucks a damn minute. You think these people have “gifts”, why are they charging SO much for a "gift"?  The truth: people will pay large amounts of money to hear from their loved hear what they want to hear.  I haven't quite gotten to that point yet, but at times I am teetering dangerously close to the edge of nonsense.  Dangerously close.   Let's just say I can see the edge...without binoculars.  

There is a huge part of me that wants to  go and check it out primarily because it totally intrigues me that someone could know intimate details about you and your loved one's lives without ever knowing you.  They receive images, feelings, smells, little fairies whispering in their ears, who knows?  Regardless, it's totally amazing - to me.  I like to think that I am a little psychic because every now and then I have dreams of things that will randomly happen, but I am no where near 'Long Island Medium' status.  My dreams are more like "Oh, I had a dream you wore a red hat today".  Never anything of value like Saturday night's winning lotto numbers.  Bummer!  

But let's be logical here.  If any of these self-proclaimed psychic mediums need a little "innocent" push for information and turn to Google for help, they will soon read damn near everything about my life over the last two and a half years because of this very blog that I turn to vent my emotions.  Ah, easy fix - I could  just withhold my name, right?  Not so much, unless I have someone else pay because all of my payment methods will have my name on it.  I've run clean out of silver and gold for trade, I'm only stuck with plastic and paper. 

So, I don't know - we'll see what the future holds.  I'm sure I will eventually see a psychic - out of curiosity (and for science, of course!).   Although...I suppose the psychic already knows all that ;)

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