Sunday, May 4, 2014

Melanoma Walk @ Universal Studios

The hubs and I attended our first Melanoma walk!  It was amazing. It was weird seeing SO many people that were there for the same reason.  The same reason....Melanoma!  It was much more than I anticipated.  I anticipated exercise.  I anticipated seeing the back lots of Universal Studios.  I didn't anticipate the sunburn or...lack thereof.

Everyone was slathered in sunblock.  Duh, right?  At a Melanoma's obvious.  But there was one guy that was super tan, terrible tattoos, muscular and good looking.  I whispered to the Hubs that no girl here associated with Melanoma is going to be interested in him - since he's so tan; that he looks silly since he's tan at a fucking SKIN cancer walk/run!!  Seriously!!

Anyways, I actually felt weird telling peeps they were awesome for the sunblock (as I normally do).  I realized that EVERYONE was wearing sunblock.  Every turn, I saw pasty peeps (besides the random uber-tan-muscular-dude).  Pasty to me isn't a bad thing - Pasty to me is now a beautiful lifestyle.

Me and the Hubs super ready to start the walk
So, the race began and the hubs and I were jogging and we felt like we needed to because we were in the first....four rows or so of people...  I kept on telling the hubs that we needed to move out of the way of everyone that was serious - but they did that on their own.  

Next year will be different, we WILL prepare for it.  We just thought that it would be a you're walking around whatever.  This was different.  Within the first 10-15 minutes we were seeing guys blazing right around past us on their way to their 2nd-3rd mile.  It was amazing...these guys were red in the face and just going for it.  It was me...though probably not so their side.

Universal Studios has changed so much since the last time I've been there.  Although, there were parts that we went that a normal tram would not.  I'm so glad, so thankful that we were included in this.  Last night, the very first bad dream that I had (at my madre's house) was that we ALL missed every alarm that set and we woke up at 7:15.   Weird thing, that's about the same time we got there.  

Finally, all downhill!

After the race.  The hubs and I made it through the back lots and just made it under 50 minutes for three miles.  It was amazing...for us, it was amazing.  

Support Melanoma any way that you can.  The BEST way that you can is by wearing your sun block.  Just do it, it'll be the best thing that you do ALL day!  

<3  Amber ~ aka Holy Moly Melanomy

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