Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Real life scary stories...

The scariest threat in movies for me is always an unseen one.  Even sometimes that threat takes on a human form, though there is one much, MUCH scarier!  His name: Cancer.   His cover: Your body!

So, I had this "idea" (which turned out to be not so good) of compiling other people's scary stories and send them to the medical commissioner, to the the damn president - anyone that would listen.  My thought process was to send them to people to understand that lower staged peeps need to also have additional testing, such as an annual scan.  I thought that might help out, or at least be a nice well thought-out step in the right direction.

I got the response that I wanted, but not that I anticipated.  What I know is Melanoma is an asshole.  What I realized is this annual scan wouldn't technically help out because of the fact that Melanoma is such an asshole.  The scan might help us, mentally - but not physically.  Melanoma is such a creep that it almost knows when you have a scan and then invites itself in afterwards when you're not anticipating him.

That kind of bummed me out because I got such joy purely just from thinking about it....thinking that we can take a bigger stand.  I was hoping that it might light a fire under someone's ass to work harder for us.  But the fact of the matter is people ARE working hard for us. New progress is being made on what seems like a monthly basis for Melanoma - even though it's still one of the most misunderstood cancers out there. Even with knowing that, I still wouldn't mind sending up some letters to 'someone'.  Still not sure who.  Still not sure what effect it would make. It may fall on deaf ears, but what I do know is that it would make me feel good for at least trying.  So, I've decided that I am tip-toeing forward.  I'm still working on this and I really appreciate all of the responses that I received - I will share my letter(s) on the blog when I am done.

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