Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This year will bring...

The first of the year always fills my head with hopes for the coming days. One thing that I can say with complete conviction is I am stoked 2013 is over...I will repeat - I am SO stoked 2013 is finally over. Actually, the last TWO years have sucked.  2014 has to be better, right?

So far, this is what I know about 2014.

  • 01/06/14: The start of a new JOB!  We're still ironing a few things out, but the date is tentative and I hope to have found my new home.  
  • 02/09/14: The Walking Dead comes back on...totally missing that show (only including it because they're doing a marathon right now so it's on my mind)
  • 02/28/14: One year since diagnosis.  
  • 04/12/14: One year since surgery.
  • 04/26/14: One year since I was told that the surgery was successful: no further excision need and lymph nodes were clear.  
  • 04/28/14: Me and the hubs wedding wedding anniversary of 7 years.
  • 09/24/14: Five year anniversary of when I decided to quit smoking (though I did continue to have a puff here and there for a little bit).
  • 11/21/14: 10 year anniversary of me and the hubs being together.
  • 11/21/14: 5 year anniversary of the last time I smoked.

May 2014 be a great year for ALL of us!  Filled with good health, good luck, good food and good friends.  Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Pretty awesome stuff there Buttercup! It's been 17 months since we quit smoking! Great news on the pending job!! 2014 is going to be 2 legit 2 quit, I can feel it!