Friday, September 13, 2013

Pieces of Me

I did see this on Chelsea's blog months and months ago when I first read it and I thought that it was an amazing idea.  It's a great way to help others know who you are.  So, I've been typing this post on and off for a couple months now and I felt like since I'm meeting lots of new people this would be a great time to share a part of me :)


I hate lying.  I think that it's harder to lie than it is to tell the truth.  When you tell the truth you don't have to worry about what you've said in the past. 

Growing up I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, that is until I realized that I don’t like deep, cold water or large animals swimming around me.

After realizing the creepy dolphin trainer dealio, I decided that being a Special Effects person would be awesome.  Ever since seeing Jurassic Park, I was sold; that is until I realized that I'm not an amazing artist. 

I have a fear of the ocean, but I would much rather be in a shark cage than sky dive from a perfectly good airplane.

I really enjoy cooking new recipes and making new recipes of my own. 

The one thing I would bring to a deserted island would be chap stick…an infinite supply of chap stick (with SPF).  I can MacGyver the rest. 

I regret not playing softball in high school.

My favorite holiday is a tie between Christmas and Halloween.  Christmas because of the tree smell and the lights in/on homes.  Halloween because of the costumes and the creepiness.  

I believe in pretty much all things paranormal – except for aliens.  

I almost cried at a Pedigree commercial.  It's a new one and totally sweet with home videos of the cutest dogs and a sappy song.  Take my advise ladies, if you're close to your 'monthly', change the channel!

I think cemeteries are beautiful, quiet and comforting.   

I once almost passed out from accidentally sitting on a tube of fake blood.  I felt like such a nerd when I realized that I wasn’t bleeding profusely.

I drive like a dude.  I even make fun of women drivers since I’ve lifted myself out of that category. 

I enjoy the fact that I actually listen to the little voice in my head that knows right between wrong.

Japanese food is my favorite.   Ramen, sushi, katsu pork with curry sauce...mmm....and shabu-shabu. If you haven’t tried Shabu-Shabu yet, you must immediately.  Seriously, stop reading this and head to the nearest joint.

I totally talk to myself.  Not in front of other people, that would be weird. 

I love scary movies, they're my favorite.  Even though I will absolutely wake up in the middle of the night and ask the hubs to accompany me to the bathroom.

I'm not discriminatory, I love all dogs, though my favorite dogs are pitties; but I love any in the bully breeds.  And please don't say stuff like 'their jaws lock' around me, you’ll get schooled.    

I like to think (know) that I am just a touch....psychic.  I've had several dreams that led me to truths.    
I am independent to a fault.  If I need personal help, I rarely ask because I like to think that “I can handle it”.

I used to have a 4ft tall play house in the back yard and I tried jumping off it with an umbrella and shopping bags in hopes of parachuting.  It didn’t work...

...And I’ve never broken a bone and I hope I never do. 

I hate spiders.  Hate.  Them.  Oh, and snakes - they are totally creepy.  O-kay fine, I hate everything with no legs or more than 4.

I love my husband and family lots, but sometimes I wish I had more friends. 


  1. Hi Amber! I just found your blog - looking forward to reading more :)

    1. Thank you, Katie! :) Glad you found it :)