Monday, May 20, 2013

The results are in...

My sinuses, as anticipated, are totally fine.  Dr. ENT said that they look perfect, aside from my "pretty big" deviated septum and an "extra sinus" on my left side.  Apparently having an extra sinus cavity is somewhat common; about 10% of people have it.  It doesn't cause any issues, unless the cavity is large enough to block off the areas where it allows the sinuses to drain, which mine doesn't do.

So then what the hell is causing the headaches?!   I have no clue... 

She said that it could be tension headache, which would make sense if I just started getting these headaches after the diagnosis.  Stress can do a number on your body and headaches are no exception.  The problem is that I've had these headaches since I had my first sinus infection - over a year ago.  I have a headache almost every day.  Most of the time, they're not that bad, just a little dull ache in the front of my head above my eyes - where part of your sinuses are.  Other days, like this past Friday, was pretty bad. 

I've only had a migraine twice.  Once from a party-filled weekend in Palm Springs and then the other time was brought on by watching the Hubs play a video game (I think it was one of the Call of Duty games).  The first couple of minutes during the intro had a bunch of flashing lights and gun shot sounds... Oh mylanta, that was by far the worst headache that I have ever had in my life.  Needless to say, these daily headaches typically don't get anywhere near migraine status - which is a good thing - but that doesn't mean they're not super annoying. 

Dr. ENT said to keep an eye on it and if they don't get any better then to give her a call and she will be able refer me to a neurologist to have a scan that will focus on my brain.  I think I may just have it done anyways because as I've previously mentioned, I see these random, little, flashes of light every now and then in my peripheral; the last one that I saw just last Friday.  It's super tiny and just as soon as it comes into the picture it disappears.  It's almost like Tinker Bell is turning on/off a small flashlight towards me...don't worry, I'm not seeing Tinker Bell, too...that would be weird.  The flashing lights could be stress related or something going on with my eyes even; I've always thought it had to do with my strangely shaped optic nerve - regardless, it should also be checked out.

She also said that maybe I should look into acupuncture...  Based on what some of her other patients have said is that this is the only thing that seems to help them with reoccurring headaches.  I may forego the acupuncture and try out yoga first before paying to have someone stick me with needles.  I do know I need to learn to relax/destress, which is terribly hard for me to do.  Even when I think that I am relaxed, I'm totally not.  I'm a stress-ball, can't help it.  I like to think that I am cool as a cucumber, but on the inside I am stressing out about one thing or another and more than half the time I don't even realize it myself.  How's that for stupid?


  1. I agree stress does a number on your body. Im going thru some similar stuff. Im so happy your healthy. I had a dream about you the other night. Love u amber. Smooches

    1. I hope the dream was a good one :) Love you.