Thursday, May 16, 2013

My very first scan!

This morning is appointment day with CT scanning facility to see what's up with my sinuses.  I've had a nice headache for the most part of this week, which isn't different from every other week.  Gross alert: I also hacked up something a little greenish Tuesday morning.  It was only a little bit of green, but still - I know that green means something, such as sinuses or lungs, is more than likely infected.  I've been pretty phlegmy since this last weekend.  What? I gave you fair warning that it was gross.  Most of you know that I have no problem describing bodily functions.  Don't get me started on my period...

I haven't been sick in over a year, which is absolutely unheard of for me.  I always joke around that I could simply look at someone that is sick and catch whatever they had.  At work, I am crazy with Lysol after someone has been out and will uncomfortably stare at coworkers until they go home.  If they show up appearing slightly under the weather, I will grill them with the standard questions: Do you have a fever?  Are you blowing/coughing up anything yellow/green?  Do you have body aches?  You're not throwing up, are you?  I've even been known to demand they leave if they answer YES to any of the above questions.

During the last year, on more than one occasion, it seemed that I was completely on the verge of getting sick...but never did.  I'd start to feel a little crappy, throat hurts, tonsils get red, I get abnormally tired and more stuffy that usual.  I'd take it easy for a few days, take an extra multivitamin/antioxidant and within a day or two I am back to normal, or at least what I feel is "normal" for me.  Even when everyone (and I mean everyone) in the office and their children were sick multiple times, I didn't get sick - which I thought was totally bizarre given my track record.  Maybe my body was already at high-alert because of the Melanoma invasion.  It obviously worked pretty hard keeping that at bay, getting rid of a silly little cold was probably super easy for it.  I don't know...but kind of makes sense, right?

Anyways, enough with this sicky-poo chatter.  I will have my dome scanned to get a closer look into my sinuses to figure out what the heck is going on up there.  Apparently the scan only takes about 5 minutes, which after I am done they will give me a disk of the scans taken and I will be sent on my way.  From there I will call Dr. ENT and make an appointment and we will review the slides together.  She's pretty easy to see, so I should have an appointment within a week, if not sooner.  Dr. ENT also said that we will also go over my decision on the tonsillectomy that she strongly advised that I should get...  Ehh, I'm not ready to fully decide on that yet, though I am leaning towards pulling them out :/  I'm not going to worry about that today.  It's Thursday, tomorrows Friday then comes the weekend!  YAY!

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